Damon is running to represent Precinct 9, Coolidge Corner, in Brookline Town Meeting

Please vote May 4, 2021

Damon wants to hear from you

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Precinct 9 begins at Coolidge Corner and runs between Harvard and Winchester, and from Beacon Street north to Allston
If you vote at the Brookline Senior Centre, you are in Precinct 9.

Brookline faces a number of challenges in balancing economics and services. Discussions about affordable housing and about balancing policing and social services are two examples of this. Real and perceived economic inequities underlie many of these issues. As a Town we need to work more on innovative approaches aimed at supporting existing and new businesses, creating more jobs within the Town, and making it possible for business owners and workers to live in the Town they serve. As a life-long Brookline resident and homeowner, I look forward to working with neighbors to create a healthy path forward for all of Brookline. An MBA from Babson provides me with a keen business sense, and living with blindness and other physical challenges equips me with insight into the needs and perspective of residents with disabilities as well. I respectfully request your vote to elect me to represent Precinct 9.

Damon teaching children about blindness and about guide dogs.

I’d be glad to hear from you! What are the key issues in Brookline that concern you? Let’s work together to address them!

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